Album: Room (2016)

Song: Earthling

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Baltimore's Fadest began in early 2015 not so much as a formulated equation of a band as much as an excuse for a few buddies to get together, crank some tunes, and drink some beers.

So, who would have known that when you bring a few seasoned musician pals together and add a sprinkle of riffs, a touch of angst, a splash of melody, and then douse it all in sweat, volume, and the aforementioned beers - that you are left with a no-bullshit attitude band with no other motive other than to write killer jams and get heads bobbing. They quickly realized they were onto something, the fire was lit, and it was game on.

Drawing diverse influences from hardcore, to post-rock, to shoegaze, to death metal, to pop and beyond: these "Baltimorons" seem to sound a bit like late '90s to early 2000s grunge meets mid 2000s post-hardcore with molasses coated vocals and a bit of whiskey-fueled aggression.

The members come from a variety of backgrounds, have logged thousands of miles on the road, and collectively played hundreds of shows around the country. Like an old pair of Vans, this is comfortable and familiar territory. This is the next frontier, and these guys are up to the challenge.

These gentlemen are an up-and-coming group whose sincerity, DIY ethos and sweat inducing live performances are worth following.

Their debut EP was just released on July 1st 2016, with a split 7" with Baltimore's amazing Birthright is to follow.